Expedited Route Closes May 31!

Apr 14, 2021



ACTA will close the Expedited Route on May 31, 2021. This means that after midnight on May 31, 2021, we will no longer have the Expedited Route application available. If you qualify for the Expedited Route and want to have your application processed as part of the Expedited Route, you must submit your completed application by May 31, 2021, including all up-to-date documentation.  

Need updated documents from CYCAA? Log into the CYCAA website.  Go to “My Account” and click on “View My Account” then “Member Documents”. Click on the link for “Generate Letter of Good Standing”.  Go back to the Account page and click “Generate Member Certificate PDF” this will email a copy of your certificate to you.

The Expedited Route helps the College by reducing the number of applications we will receive upon College opening. It helps you by ensuring that your entrance into the College will be faster, with a lower application fee.  

If you started your application a while ago, please ensure your supporting documents are now current to our requirements. If your supporting documents have become “stale dated” please obtain and submit current documentation before the Expedited Route closes on May 31, 2021.  

If you qualify for the Expedited Route and wish to apply through this Route, do not delay in submitting your application and compiling your documents. Some documents, such as the vulnerable sector criminal record check, can take weeks to obtain.  

If you qualify for the Expedited Route, but prefer to wait and apply through the Intermediate Route, this is an option available to you. However, the Expedited Route is a significantly more streamlined application process that will not be available after May 31, 2021.



Apply Now to Expedited Route



The Intermediate Route will be available to all practitioners currently working in the field who did not apply through the Expedited Route. It may also include some practitioners who have started the Certification process but did not receive their certification prior to the closing of the Expedited Route window.

It is important to remember that continuity in the workforce is considered a priority for both the government and the profession. It is essential that the public does not lose access to qualified mental health professionals, and that qualified competent practitioners in the field have a process by which to enter the College.

Applications for the Intermediate Route may be made to the CCTA within the first two years after the College is proclaimed. ACTA is exploring the possibility of opening the Intermediate Route before proclamation; please stay tuned.

The specific educational, training, supervision and examination requirements for this route have been recommended by ACTA and will be finalized when the regulation is approved. Watch for the details to come out soon!

The full criteria for Intermediate Route will be made available shortly, prior to the College opening, so that individuals have time to prepare their applications to demonstrate that they meet the entry-to-practice competencies. The College will consider any education, training, and experience that supports a practitioner’s application.

To qualify for Intermediate Route, CYCC will need 2000 hours before they can apply through this route. Practitioners will have a minimum of 750 currency hours in the 3 years prior to applying, and 450 direct client hours over their career. Applicants must pass a jurisprudence exam, either upon entry to the College or within the first year of membership to the College. This decision will be made closer to the date of the College opening.

The Intermediate Route will remain open until two years post-proclamation. 


For those who did not register under the Expedited Route or the Intermediate Route, and for those who will be coming out of post-secondary education they will register through the Regular Route. The Regular Route will remain open always for new Child and Youth Care Counsellors.

The specific educational, training, supervision and examination requirements for this route have been recommended by ACTA. These entry-to-practice requirements will be finalized after Cabinet approves the regulation – likely Spring Session.

If you have any questions about ACTA, like how do you qualify?

Please email Patricia Kostouros member_at_large_cycc@acta-alberta.ca