The Executive Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting notice is sent out to the membership at least 6 weeks prior to the meeting so that nominations for the positions can be collected. If a position has one or more nominations then further nominations are not accepted from the floor at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations are also collected for the Child and Youth Care Counsellor of the Year and the Visionary of the Year.

An investment in the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta is an investment in yourself and your profession. Your assistance on committees is always appreciated if a committee appeals to you please email us.

If you have any questions please contact the office at

The Executive Board – The Executive Board has a President, Vice President, a Treasurer/Secretary and 10 Directors. The Executive Board is responsible for the Association’s goals and oversees all the committees. All committee chairs must be a member of the Executive Board.

Legislation Committee The focus of this committee is to obtain an amendment to the Health Professions Act of Alberta to include the occupation of the Child and Youth Care Counsellor as a regulated profession.

Certification and Education Committee – The focus of this committee is the certification process, standards and content. The committee has representation from Certified Child and Youth Care Counsellors (5 members), AASCF (1 member), the government (1 member) the colleges and universities that offer child and youth care programs (2 members).

Finance Committee This committee is comprised of the treasurers from any committee or board that has an assigned bank account. The chair of the committee is the treasurer of the Executive Board. The conference committee, the education committee, and the certification committee also have representation on the finance committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board regarding financial matters.

Bylaw and Policy Committee The committee is responsible for the Bylaws and Policies. The committee keeps the governing Bylaws and policies up to date and ensures that they meet any legislative expectations.

Conference and AGM Committee – This committee organizes the events of the Association.

Public Relations Committee This committee does both the relations with the public and the potential membership. Members can volunteer to forward emails around their agency; do presentations to students and/or agencies in their area (there is a powerpoint and brochures to guide the presentation and help answer questions and a training session is now available). Committee members prepare public presentations, documents or position papers.  Committee members also prepare marketing plans.  Because this committee has several different areas of involvement members can volunteer to do one or two tasks or all of them.