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October 12, 2022

CYC-Net (The International Child and Youth Care Network) has often been described as the most valuable resource in the world for child and youth care practitioners and those in academia. Its main objectives are to promote and facilitate reading, learning, information sharing, discussion, networking, support and accountable practice amongst all who work with children, youth and families in difficulty. The CYC-Net website at contains tens of thousands of articles which are free to use for the end-user. Parallel to CYC-Net is the CYC-Net Press ( ), the dedicated CYC publishing section of CYC-Net which carries a selection of CYC textbooks and professional journals.

The CYC-Net web and social media sites are refreshed daily and receive thousands of unique visits each day. CYC-Net makes it possible for all these people to stay in touch with each other around the world, with news and developments in the field, with readings and writings from all areas of study and at all levels; in short, for practitioners, supervisors, teachers and learners to keep in touch and to share information, problems and situations along with methods and solutions for doing their work with children and youth. All these people see themselves as workers and colleagues in their child and youth care practice and related work with challenged children and youth and their families, institutions, and societies.

CYC-Net also has its own iOS and Android apps where all CYC-Net content is available via your smart device. The app is also useful for receiving notifications of CYC happenings in your region (eg. Canmore conference updates), CYC events around the world, release of new publications etc.

The apps are available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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