Visionary of the Year 2021

Dec 3, 2021

We are pleased to announce Dr. Pat Kostouros as the 2021 CYCAA Visionary of the Year.


Why this award?

The Child and Youth Care Visionary of the Year Award is intended to honour and offer recognition to members who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of Alberta’s CYC practice, education, and professional advancement. 

Recipients of this award would be acknowledged as having clearly expressed and acted on their support to counsellors throughout their professional career, publishing literature and supporting the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.

About Pat

Pat has worked in the CYC field for decades, as a practitioner, an instructor and as an Advocate.

Most recently, Pat has spent the better part of three years working with ACTA to successfully include Child and Youth Care with the application for Counselling Therapy Legislation in Alberta. This has required an insurmountable amount of hours advocating for the needs of Child and Youth Care counsellors all over Alberta, and in doing so, the needs of the vulnerable Albertans with whom we work.

Pat has been a driving force in negotiating the inclusion of the CYC voice in the various applications and documents, ensuring that as part of a larger group, Child and Youth care remains a distinct profession.

Presentation of the award

The award was presented by our President Michelle Briegel virtually at our Annual AGM on October 14, 2021. With the framed art print from acclaimed Indigenous Cree artist Mackenzie Brown depicting a mother bear and her cub. presented by Michelle and Pennie Sibbald our Advanced Practice Chair to Pat on November 8, 2021.