Trico Skill Builder Program

December 8, 2022

Trico Centre is the place to reach, teach, and support young people aged 5-14 with their mental health and overall physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Each Skill Builder program is a building block that will help your child learn and grow.

The Skill Builder program is divided into nine categories, such as Leadership, Social Skills, Executive Functioning, Self-Regulation, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, and Non-Competitive Sports. There are over 40 different sessions scheduled throughout the fall and winter, delivered by trained and qualified program facilitators. Our mission is to offer children and youth:

  • The opportunity to be heard, build confidence and feel a sense of belonging
  • Exposure to an activity or area of interest
  • Support strategies based on individual needs and abilities
  • Extra time to develop skills that have personally challenging
  • Guidance to break tasks into smaller, more achievable steps

We offer inclusive programming. If your child receives or is eligible for aide support (for example, FSCD), we ask caregivers to notify our Programs Director at and schedule aide support for all program dates.

View below or download the pdf here: TricoCentre_Skill-Builder