Certified CYCAA Members – the time has come to apply to ACTA. Please Read.


Dear Certified Members of the CYCAA,

As you may already be are aware, the expedited route is now open! ACTA is excited to have already received many completed applications confirming support of regulation and strengthening our progress towards proclamation.

Due to a recent transition with our database and office systems at the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta, we have held off making the official announcement to our members as we anticipate it might be a bit of time yet before we can provide the necessary documentation to support members in completing their application to ACTA. In the meantime, we have made arrangements to have alternative options.

Please go to the ACTA website for information and to apply https://www.acta-alberta.ca/
Checklist of Required Documentation https://www.acta-alberta.ca/…/expedited-route-documentation…

For the time being the following will be accepted in lieu of a Letter of Good Standing.

CYCCAA Certified Members may provide:
a) proof of their current employment verifying they are in good standing as a CYCC
b) their receipt from the CYCAA showing that they have paid their annual 2019 Certified Membership dues
All applicants will also attest on the application that you are a member in good standing and that you will notify ACTA/CCTA if your status changes.

Thank you for your ongoing support of regulation. We recognize how important it is for Alberta Child and Youth Care Counsellors to have a regulatory body. We look forward to receiving your application to ACTA so that upon proclamation, you will become the first regulated members of The College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta (CCTA) and the first regulated Child and Youth Care Counsellors in Canada.

Please contact Pat Kostouros, CYCAA Child and Youth Care Counsellor Member at Large, member_at_large_cycc@acta-alberta.ca if you have any further questions.

Nicole Imgrund, Chair, ACTA
Child and Youth Care Counsellor Representatives:
Pat Kostouros and Michelle Briegel