ACTA Update

Expedited Route Update

We are pleased to announce that we have already had over 1200 applicants to the Expedited Route! There is no more significant way to show support for the regulation of Counselling Therapy, Addictions Counselling, and Child & Youth Care Counselling than applying to ACTA. With the support of so many practitioners, we have had the resources to make great strides in the development of the college. This also sends a powerful message to the government – we are united and prepared to do whatever is necessary to open the College of Counseling Therapy of Alberta (CCTA), for the sake of public safety and better access to mental health services. 

It is critical that most practitioners who qualify to grandparent into the CCTA apply as soon as possible, so that we can continue to build the college and demonstrate the overwhelming support for it. The public needs our protection and no-one but the practitioners already working in the field can accomplish it. Together, we will make a difference that will have an immediate positive impact and serve generations of Albertans to come. 

How You Can Help:

If you have not yet applied to be a member of ACTA…

  • Please consider applying now – if finances are an issue, we hope our new Pilot instalment plan will help. Remember that being a member of ACTA means you will automatically become the first registrants of the new college. Your fee for ACTA will be your first year of registration with the new college (at a reduced rate). 

If you have already submitted your application…

  • Be an ambassador for regulation and talk to colleagues about joining! We need the help of every Child & Youth Care Counsellor, Addictions Counsellor and Counselling Therapist in the province to reach our goal. 

Apply Now to ACTA
College Development Update

What ACTA has been working on…

Entry-to-Practice Competency Profiles*
Entrance Exam development
Regulations (Draft)*
Standards of Practice (Draft)*
Code of Ethics (Draft)*
Supervision Guidelines (Draft)*
Hired a Registrar/CEO
Policy Development
Location Planning
External Relationship Building and Plans
Mission & Vision Development

* Documents can be viewed on the website. These documents will be part of the stakeholder consultation.

What’s Next?

It was very disappointing to us that Alberta Health did not start the stakeholder consultation process in the fall, as expected. We are now reaching out to the Minister of Health and Associate Minister of Health, as well as other key government representatives, to share our progress and the urgency to proclaim the college and protect the public from the risks of unregulated mental health services in Alberta. We will be ready to open the college in Fall 2020, and we are still hopeful that the government will conduct the consultation and approve the regulations in time for this to happen. We share with the government a desire to improve mental health service in the province and proclamation of the college will be a huge step in that direction. 

Instalment Payment Plan – Pilot Project
(Open only March 2020)
Why ACTA is Piloting an Installment Payment Plan
We understand that registering for ACTA requires a substantial financial cost. We hope that the instalment pilot project will provide some practitioners with an opportunity to apply now, and demonstrate their support for regulation, even if they are unable to pay the full registration fee at this time.

We are also using the pilot to assess whether or not the college could sustain a payment instalment option with the minimal administrative resources we use to keep costs low.

How will it Work?

The plan is available on to those who submit their application in full (including all required documentation), and pay the 105.00 application fee, between March 1st and March 31st.

If your application is accepted, you will pay your membership fees in 5 equal monthly instalments from April to August 2020.

You must have the balance of your registration fees paid in full by the end of August, at which time you will receive your registration number and receipt. If the fees are not paid in full, no refunds will be given and you would no longer be a member of ACTA or receive a registration number.

Please Note:

  • The instalment payment plan is NOT available to anyone who has already applied to ACTA. We are hoping the plan will encourage those who have not yet submitted an application to do so. 
  • There will continue to be no refunds of the application fee for those not accepted. 
  • If the College opens before August 31, 2020, fees will be due in full when the college opens (we see this as an unlikely possibility). 
How much will it cost?

The cost will be the same whether paying in instalments or immediately upon acceptance:

Application fee: 100.00
Registration fee (yearly): 500.00
Second profession registration fee (yearly): 250.00
Third profession registration fee (yearly): 250.00

Applying for CT, AC or CYCC (only one): 100.00 + 500.00 = 600.00

Applying for CT + AC: 100.00 + 500.00 + 250.00 = 850.00

Applying for CT + AC + CYCC: 100.00 + 500.00 + 250.00 + 250.00 = 1100.00

The Registration fee will be applied towards your first year registration fee in the college, which will start upon proclamation.

Do I qualify for the Expedited Route?
Do I have to apply to continue to practice?
What if I already belong to another college?
How long will the Expedited Route be available?
Why should I apply now?
What happens if I wait until the college opens to apply?
Answers to all of these questions and more can be found on our website: www.acta-alberta.caPrevious newsletters also have answers to these questions. You may find the July Expedited Route Update one particularly Helpful. You may also contact your home association’s regulation representative to ACTA. For other questions, you may contact us directly.
Note from the ACTA Registrar/CEO

It has been an exciting three months since I started in this role as your Registrar and Chief Executive Officer.  I have been learning intently from each to the professions and have made valuable connections here and across the country.  I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who have assisted in my orientation and learning.  

I am impressed with the amount of work that has been completed by your volunteer board.  This demonstrates your commitment to regulation and public safety. I wish to highlight that, in November, 2019, the ACTA Board approved the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  These documents were the result of a tremendous amount of work and collaboration. Thank you to everyone involved! These documents have been accepted by the Government to be used in the public consultation.  We look forward to considering and incorporating public feedback.

Please take some time to review the documents (available on the website).  If you have any questions or comments about the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice, please contact me at

I am eager to continue working with the Board to develop the College and look forward to proclamation!  

Linda Sahli, Registrar/CEO

Thank You

The ACTA Board thanks you for your continued support of the regulatory process. Your support and commitment to becoming regulated is a direct message to Albertans that we care about the safety and accessibility of counselling, and we will make this happen!