Changing the World – A Story of Inclusion, Integration and Exclusion


MacEwan University - Visiting Lecture Series

From 03:30 PM until 5:00 PM

At MacEwan University, Robbins Health Learning Centre

104 Avenue/110 Street Northwest Kule Theatre (Room 9-323) Edmonton, AB T5K 2Y9


Fionn Crombie Angus is an extraordinary 23-year-old man with Down syndrome. He and his father Jonathan are the co-directors of Fionnathan Productions, a social enterprise whose goal is to change the world. When it comes to envisioning a great life, Fionn and Jonathan are world-class imagineers. If life gives them lemons, they teach themselves how to juggle, and then make lemon meringue pie, and share some with the neighbours.

Since starting their social enterprise five years ago, they’ve learned lessons in the fine art of negotiating for things they are passionate about, from the soft sell to the High Court. While approaching advocacy like an art form is rewarding, pioneering can be hard work. They have spent much time studying in classrooms, negotiating through lawyers and collaborating with politicians, all to win what they consider appropriate supports for Fionn’s schooling, housing and community participation needs. But knowing that their story and experiences make it easier for others makes the work feel light.

They have the respect of seasoned researchers and policy makers and have been invited to present their discoveries in dozens of college programs and conferences, in eight countries. They are often asked to consult with progressive service provision organizations, either to provide continuing professional development for staff, or to encourage clients of the service to aim high and work together to achieve their dreams.

Fionn’s job description has been built from his skills and desires—truly person-centered employment. He is an advocate, lead researcher, film maker, graphic novelist, artist and accomplished (left-handed) violinist.

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