Save the Date Calgary – Bill C-92: From Compliance to Connection


The Act is the first statute to recognize inherent Indigenous jurisdiction over CFS as an Aboriginal (S. 35) right in Canada.

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Bill C-92: From Compliance to Connection - Calgary

Presenters: Hadley Friedland and Koren Lightning-Earle, Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge, University of Alberta, Faculty of Law


Bill C-92: An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families, is the first federal legislation on the subject of Indigenous Child and Family Services [CFS]. The Act is the first statute to recognize inherent Indigenous jurisdiction over CFS as an Aboriginal (S. 35) right in Canada. In addition, as called for in the TRC Final Report, the statute establishes national minimum standards for CFS delivery for all Indigenous children and families. This includes First Nation, ‘non-status,’ Métis, and Inuit children, living on or off reserve.

Despite the law being in force January 1, 2020, there has been very little education for social workers and service providers. Wahkohtowin Lodge has created a compliance guide along with some helpful hints to support you in connecting with Indigenous children, families and communities.

 Outcomes of Learning:

 In the first part of this session you will learn about the new National Standards, and in the second part you participants will take part in an interactive structured Wahkohtowin Lodge "Wisdom Workshop" to share their collective strengths and wisdom about how agencies can comply with and even surpass the new national standards, based on what they already know and have done in the past, to support the best interests of Indigenous children. 

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