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Auditor Report

any member who wants to see the  current accountant’s report can request it by contacting the office.







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Members are welcome to attend meetings in person or with our conference calling number- please contact the office if you would like to attend.

Student Committee – This is a new committee for students in the Child and Youth Care Programs:

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce the creation of a Student Committee with the goal of providing Child and Youth Care students from universities and colleges across Alberta the opportunity to promote and to be involved with the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta.

The purpose of the Committee is as follows:

  1. To promote the interests of students among the Association.  2. To consult and inform students on any issues that concerns them.  3. To organize activities for students to be more involved with the Association.  4. To represent the students on official occasions.

The Committee will make recommendations based on feedback from student members. Meetings will be held in Edmonton (teleconferencing is available for members living out of town), four times a year and we will be reporting to the Executive Board of the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta. To join the committee please contact the office

Grant MacEwan University, Lethbridge College and Mount Royal University have representation – thank you to the members who volunteered. If you are a member and attend Lakeland College or Medicine Hat College please consider this important committee.


Natalya Ancheta