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Certification Committee– The focus of this committee is the certification process, standards and content. The committee has representation from Certified Child and Youth Care Counsellors (5 members), AASCF (1 member), the government (1 member) the colleges and universities that offer child and youth care programs (2 members).

Bylaw and Policy Committee– The committee is responsible for the Bylaws and Policies. The committee keeps the governing Bylaws and policies up to date and ensures that they meet any legislative expectations.

Conference and AGM Committee– This committee organizes the events of the Association.

The Executive Board- The Executive Board has a President, Vice President, a Treasurer, Secretary and six Directors. The Executive Board is responsible for the Association’s goals and oversees all the committees. All committee chairs must be a member of the Executive Board.

Board and Committee Vacancies

The Executive Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The membership will be notified at least 6 weeks prior to the AGM that elections will be taking place. Nominations for the vacant positions can be submitted to the office up to one week prior to the meeting. If one or more members have been nominated to a position then nominations for that position will not be taken from the floor at the AGM. Nominations from the floor will be accepted for positions that do not have a previously nominated name. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Your assistance on committees is always appreciated, if a committee appeals to you ,please email us.


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